An exhibition in Yokohama.

■OPIE ’19 Lens Design and Manufacturing Exhibition
Hello everyone! This time, we’ll report a business show of “OPIE ’19 Lens Design and Manufacturing Exhibition” that was held at Pacifico Yokohama,Japan from April 24 (Wed) to 26 (Fri).

■Polarimeter in Itabashi-City
Luceo has exhibited at this business show every year since 2014. This time is the sixth. Polarimeters, polarizers and wave plates were displayed in our booth at the pavilion of Tokyo Itabashi-City. By demonstrating the measurement of the resin smart phone cover and glass bulb with fully automatic polarimeter LSM-9100W / WS, booth visitors proposed new applications and requested sample measurement. Thank you very much for your booth visiting.

■Polarizer and wave plate
The familiar “Yellow Mouse” at the Luceo booth has received much attention from customers because of its color changing. This mouse made of retardation film changes his expression into seven colors by rotating a pair of polarizing plates. It becomes familiar yellow when it is the state of crossed nicol. Don’t you think that the yellow looks best? If you’d like to see it, please come to our showroom in head-office.
Sample measurements are also available, so please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.