Exhibition report

■Automotive World2020 Exhibition
   Hello everyone! Today,we’ll report an exhibition “Automotive World2020 Tokyo” held at Tokyo Big Site in January 15th-17th.

   This time is our 2nd exhibition toward automotive market as exhibiting at “Nagoya Automotive World2019” in last September. LUCEO displayed Fully Automated Polarimeter LSM-9100W and LSM-9100WS aside from Polarizer(Polax) and Super Broadband Waveplate(SB-RETAX) at the area of “Autmotive Components & Processing Technology Expo”. Thank you for coming. 

         Some of customers experienced our Fully Automated Polarimeter LSM-9100W/WS with their original products such as a smartphone cover made by plastics or a lamp tube.


  The Super Broadband Waveplate(SB-RETAX) attracts a lot of attention from various optical fields. There were engineers who got interested in this product toward their applications. Through this exhibition,I felt our products would contribute to automotive market.

         Polarimeters,polarizers and waveplates are displayed in our showroom.Please visit there.

Full Automated Polarimeter LSM-9100


Super Broadband Waveplate


If you have anything questions,please contact us.    https://www.luceo.co.jp/contact/

Thank you!