Polarized art 2(Polarization Kaleidoscope)

■ Polarized art

Hello everyone. This time, we have improved the “polarization kaleidoscope” introduced last time, so let you know the details

■ Polarized kaleidoscope

This polarized kaleidoscope introduced last time was made by adding two polarizing plates to the kaleidoscope kit that can be purchased for 100 yen, and the mirror was made of a thin aluminum sheet. Then, as shown in Figure 1,the images at the edge of the visual field were out of focus.

This time, we replaced it with a slightly thicker mirror to reduce this blur.

The images obtained from the improved polarization kaleidoscope have reduced blur at the edge of the visual field, as shown in Figures 2 and 3, and improved the expressiveness of beauty.


(a) Parallel nicols                                                        (b) Crossed nicols

Figure 1. Images of the 17th Blog Polarized Kaleidoscope


(a)  1                                                                   (b)  2

Figure 2. Images of the improved polarized kaleidoscope 1


(a)  3                 (b)  4

(c)  5                 (d)  6

Figure 3. Images of the improved polarized kaleidoscope 2


■Polarizing plate/wave plate

Luceo develops, manufactures and sells polarizing plates and wave plates with various characteristics. In addition, we can also provide other optical components such as mirrors and prisms to your request. Please feel free to contact us as you can check our products in real at the showroom in Luceo headquarters.


General catalog of Polarizing plate, wave plate and circular polarizing plate



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