Polariscope(New functions)


Hello everyone. This time, we will introduce the new functions of the fully automatic strain tester LSM-9100 series.

■LSM-9100 series new features

The LSM-9100W / WS can measure large resin retardation in a wide range up to 3000 nm, so it is widely used in Japan and overseas as an inspector for resin injection molded products, sheet materials, and films.

This time, we will introduce the functions of the newly added image processing filter.

①High resolution

It is a filter that can measure a gentle retardation distribution with a change range of 6 nm or less in the screen. In the 3-wavelength mode, the retardation measurement resolution of 4 nm is set to 1 nm or less to enable measurement of small changes. (It does not work when the change range on the screen is 6 nm or more.)


② Median

It is a filter that removes noise locally, and it is an excellent filter that can remove noise while leaving the image edge part as it is.



A filter that smoothes even more smoothly than Median, and achieves natural smoothing.


(1) High resolution filter realizes to accurate measurement of very gradual changes, By applying (2) Median and (3)Gaussian filter, smooth measurement results with less noise can be obtained. This will further improve the analysis capability. Luceo can measure your samples. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


Full-auto Strain Eye LSM-9100 series(English)



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