NAGOYA Automotive World 2019 report

■Exhibition report “NAGOYA Automotive World 2019”

        Hello everyone. We’ll report an exhibition “NAGOYA Automotive World 2019” that was held at PORT MESSE NAGOYA in Sep.18-20,2019


  This show was the 2nd time exhibition held in Nagoya and we,LUCEO exhibited there for the first time. Full automated polarimeter LSM-9100W/WS and polarizers and waveplates were displayed at the show.

Thank you again coming by our booth.

       The venue was very wide, and various companies related to automobile industries participated in the exhibition with great ingenuity, and it was a very vibrant exhibition. Every participating company was interested and learned very much.

We demonstrated measurement residual stress of samples such as a plastic cover of smartphone,a CD-cover,a glass-bar and a lamp bulb. Fortunately,a lot of visitors got interested in our machines.

■Polarizers and waveplates

An yellow mouse in the picture which is made from retardance film and sandwiched by a pair of polarizers,changes its color according to the rotary angle of the polarizers. This mouse pulled people close to our booth and got a lot of technical inquiries from them.

LUCEO showroom in Tokyo head office,there are many kinds of demo machines to measure/observe stress in glass or plastics so please ask us to do demonstration without hesitation.

Thank you !