Hello everybody! Today,we’ll introduce the exhibition report of “Photonics West2020” that LUCEO participated in the Moscone Center,San Francisco from February 4th to 6th.



    Photonics West is the one of the biggest optics exhibition in the world and we ran a booth there 5th times. Our booth was placed in Japan pavilion and we displayed fully automated polarimeter,wave plate and polarizer.We appreciate attendees who came by our booth.Due to new coronavirus,there are few people who visited from China,however,we welcomed more people comparing to last exhibition.

    Fully Automated Polarimeter LSM-9100W,LSM-9001S performed measurement demo at the show and we got a lot of requests from visitors to do demo with their own samples.

■Polarizer and Wave plate

    In this exhibition,a lot of engineers got interested in our polarizers and wave plates. In particular,some visitors were excited to see SB-RETAX(Super Broadband Wave Plate) that achieves constant retardance from 450nm to 1,100nm just one plate.For further interest,we received requests to NIR polarizers.

    Our showroom in Tokyo,there are display of polarimeters,wave plates and polarizers. Please ask us and visit the showroom.

Fully Automated Polarimeter LSM-9100

SB-RETAX(Super Broadband Wave Plate)