Polarized art(Polarization Kaleidoscope)

■Polarized art
Hello everyone. Due to the influence of the recent coronavirus, it seems that school lessons such as science experiments at short distances and drawing work with group working are not carried out because those lessons have much risks to be influenced even if we take countermeasures.
In this issue, I will introduce the Polarization Kaleidoscope as for polarization art, which everyone can make in such times and online classes.

■Polarized kaleidoscope
We added two polarizing plates to the kaleidoscope kit that can be purchased for 100 yen, and put transparent cellophane tape and plastic plate between them. Then, a rainbow-colored pattern corresponding to the retardance of the transparent materials appears, and it shines very beautifully.
First, Fig. 1 shows an image taken inside a normal kaleidoscope. This is also beautiful enough. Figure 2 shows the image of the polarized kaleidoscope in the parallel Nicol state, and Figure 3 shows the image of the polarized kaleidoscope in the orthogonal Nicol state. If you look into the polarized kaleidoscope, you will find a wonderful microcosm.

Figure 1-1. Kaleidoscope image

Figure 1-2. Kaleidoscope image

Figure 2. Image of polarized kaleidoscope
(parallel Nicols)

Figure 3. Image of a polarized kaleidoscope
(crossed Nicols)

This polarized kaleidoscope is made by internship students who have come to Luceo for practical training.
It was created in order to understand the function easily and in a fun way. In the future, if we make improvements and get beautiful images, I will introduce them to you on this blog.

■Polarizer/wave plate
Luceo develops, manufactures and sells polarizing plates and wave plates with various characteristics. Please feel free to contact us as you can check the real thing at the showroom of Luceo headquarters.

Polarizing plate/wave plate/circular polarizing plate general catalog (English)

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That’s all!