Practical success thinking

Hello everyone. This time, I’d like to talk about the TEFCAS cycles, which is a process of thinking toward a success practically.

■TEFCAS cycles
 I believe that PDCA cycles are often used in ISOs and activities of quality-improvement, but I think that the successful thinking of “TEFCAS cycles” is an appropriate method for achieving new businesses and ideas.
This cycle is advocated by Tony Buzan, who formulated the Brainstorming method of the mind map.
Followings are its contents.

T = Trials:attempt by formulating a hypothesis.

E = Events:make an objective observation of the goals.

F = Feedback:see reactions against the Events.

C = Check:check the Feedback from the reason of well done or not work well.

A = Adjust:adjust toward the goal. It’s possible to change the goal itself. Repeat from Trial to Adjust.

S = Success:achieve the goal.

In this cycle, it is important to start from the Success having images of achieving a goal.
How many times did you run this cycle to achieve new measurement methods and software algorithms in a development? I felt a renewed sense of the importance of repeating trials even though it is often difficult to do so…

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Thank you.