Published in monthly PLASTICS magazine


Hello everybody!   Today,we’ll deliver the measurement technologies and examples for a fully automated polarimeter LSM-9100W and LSM-9100WS that were published in the PLASTICS Magazine.

■Measurement technology of strain (residual stress) in plastic products <StrainEye>

This time,we had a good opportunity to write an article in a plastic technology magazine “Monthly PLASTICS” that is published by Nihon Kogyo Publishing in October issue. This magazine has been providing the latest plastic industry market,materials and processing technologies for researchers or field engineers since March 1950. On this October issue, the title is “Special edition: The frontline of Measurements and Inspections”.

LSM-9100W/WS were introduced in the magazine as a machine to measure retardation value in resin with a wide measurement range from 0nm to 3000nm so we got a lot of business opportunities from manufacturers such as injection mold, sheet material and film.

Fully automated polarimeter LSM-9100 product family catalog.

thank you!