Report of Science Photonics Fair 2019

■Science Photonics Fair 2019

        Hello everyone! Today,we’ll deliver the report of Science Photonics Fair2019 that was held at Science Museum that is close to Inperial  palace in Tokyo,November 12th–14th.


  This time was our 3rd exhibition of Science Photonics Fair. Polarimeters,polarizers and waveplates were displayed at the show. Thank you for all visitors who came by our booth. Some of them visited our booth bringing along their own samples to test our machine(LSM-9100W,LSM-9001S) performances. It was a very good opportunity for both them and us.


       We got a lot of inquiries to polarizer and waveplate that are available for Near-ultraviolet(300-400nm). Also Superbroad Band waveplate which achieves the constant retardance at wide wavelength range received considerable interests from plenty of visitors.

Fully automated polarimeter LSM-9100W

Superbroad band waveplate